How bikeable is your community?

Riding a bike is fun!
Bicycling is a great way to get around and to get your daily dose of physical activity. It’s good for the environment, and it can save you money. No wonder many communities are encouraging people to ride their bikes more often!
Can you get to where you want to go by bike?
Some communities are more bikeable than others: how does yours rate? Read over the questions in this checklist and then take a ride in your community, perhaps to the local shops, to visit a friend, or even to work. See if you can get where you want to go by bicycle, even if you are just riding around the neighborhood to get some exercise.
Before you ride, make sure your bike is in good working order, put on a helmet, and be sure you can manage the ride. While you are riding obey all traffic laws.
At the end of your ride, answer each question and, based on your opinion, circle an overall rating for each question. You can also note any problems you encountered by checking the appropriate box(es). Be sure to make a careful note of any specific locations that need improvement. Add up the numbers to see how you rated your ride. Then, turn to the pages that show you how to begin to improve those areas where you gave your community a low score.
Download the Bikeability Checklist Questionaire here.
The Ohio River Trail Council (ORTC) is primarily interested in evaluating the bicycling routes and areas along the Ohio River Corridor. In addition, the following Ohio River Tributaries - Beaver River, Big Sewickley Creek, Chartiers Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Little Sewickley Creek, Montour Run, and Raccoon Creek. The survey scope includes the Pennsylvania counties of Allegheny, Beaver and Lawrence. 

PennDOT District 11


     Download the Allegheny County Highway Map

     Download the Beaver County Highway Map

     Download the Lawrence County Highway Map
Download PennDOT County Traffic Volume Maps here.
The ORTC is asking for your support to identify the safest places to ride a bike and to improve those areas of your community which received a low score. Please forward your completed questionaire to:
Ohio River Trail Council
1100 Pennsylvania Ave
Monaca, Pa 15061
bikeabilitychecklist at ohiorivertrail dot org
Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center


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