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Black's Run Bridge Project


The Black's Run Project focuses on a section of the Ohio River Greenway Trail located in Center Township, Pa. The goal is to connect the portion of the Ohio River Greenway Trail along Woodlawn Road in West Aliquippa, Pa. utilizing vacated PennDOT Route 294 and 930, the Black's Run Bridge and the Aliquippa-Monaca proposed water line easement.




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Black's Run Bridge Trail Project Website

For well over a decade, the Ohio River Trail Council and Beaver County stakeholders have been working to develop a network of bike and walking trails that will eventually connect to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and beyond. At present, that longstanding dream is in peril due to the impending destruction of the Black's Run Bridge. To learn more about the background of this important matter, please view the Black's Run Trail website by clicking here.



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If you are from beaver County, you have undoubtedly seen the Black's Run Bridge countless times, even though you may not know it by name. The bridge crosses over State Route 51 between Monaca and West Aliquippa. You can view the bridge on Google Maps by clicking here



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Click here to download the Black's Run Inspection Report.



Click here to download the proposed route parcel ownership and mapping.


Beaver County Board of Commissioners

Fortunately, there is an obvious and painless solution to this urgent problem. By adding the Black's Run Bridge to the County's existing inventory of 67 other similar structures, the Beaver County Board of Commissioners have a once in a lifetime opportunity to set the stage for the construction of a 15-mile loop of trails along the Ohio River between Monaca and Ambridge.

In the unfortunate event that the bridge is not quickly secured, regional trail experts estimate that trail development throughout the heart of Beaver County will be delayed for 50 years or more.

To keep the vision of trail development alive in Beaver County, the Beaver County Board of Commissioners have been asked to take immediate ownership of the Black's Run Bridge, preventing its demolition and ensuring that residents of the region can experience the benefit of a robust network of walking and bike trails in Beaver County.

In order to make securing the bridge as painless as possible for the Beaver County Board of Commissioners, regional trail advocates and community development organizations have pledged to raise all the money required to rehabilitate the bridge. Local, state, and federal agencies and political leaders have signaled support for this exciting opportunity. Various regional philanthropies have also indicated significant interest in the initiative. And, the current owner of the bridge has pledged a $50,000 cash donation to cover short-term maintenance expenses. Taking ownership of the bridge will therefore incur very little cost to the County.

Residents of the region have long been asking for bold leadership in the area of regional trail development. The future of our region's quality of life depends on making thoughtful and principled decisions that align with the clear will of the residents of Beaver County.


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Petition to taking ownership of the Black's Run Bridge

We have created a petition so that residents of Beaver County and the broader region can demonstrate their support for preventing the demolition of the Black's Run Bridge. By signing this petition, you can quickly and directly inform the Board of Commissioners that trails are important to you and to the future of Beaver County. You are cordially invited to support the development of the Ohio River greenway Trail. Please sign our petition here